Kentucky lawsuit court scales seal

FRANKFORT, KY — Opening arguments start Thursday over whether or not Kentucky lawmakers can limit Gov. Andy Beshear's emergency powers. 

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a Republican, issued a statement following the conclusion of oral arguments in the case of Cameron v. Beshear before the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Gov. Beshear initiated the lawsuit against Cameron and the General Assembly seeking to overturn emergency powers law passed by the General Assembly during the 2021 legislative session. 

Cameron's state reads as follows:

Earlier this year, Republican lawmakers passed several bills in an attempt to block the dozens of executive orders Beshear issued. 

The governor sued in retaliation and a Franklin County circuit court agreed to block the measures. 

Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron then appealed the ruling. 

The state Supreme Court will also hear the appeal from Beshear from a Scott County circuit court ruling, which blocked the state from enforcing COVID-19 restrictions against restaurants and breweries. 

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