Jarerin Chung, of South Korea

Well, I'm not a recipient so I don't know how people are going to react, really. But, I think it's something that's going to help a lot of people. From my perspective, America is a very consumer-based system so I think it's going to be helpful to the U.S economy and the system in place. It's kind of helpful for people to buy whatever they need but I don't think it's going to be a big help, overall.


Joey Lewis, of Marshall County

I probably won't be really affected. It will be supplemental to what I already have. I'm retired, so it's not a big deal as far as that part is concerned. I think it will help a lot of people who need help right now, but it won't materially affect my life.


Kobe Kendall, of Symsonia

It doesn't impact me too much, because I live with my parents but it gave me the opportunity to pay off my car. I start school in the fall, at WKCTC, and it gave me the opportunity to buy a school laptop without going into debt. I can also pay my car insurance and my Verizon bill, so it's less to worry about.


Lyndsi Knees, of Paducah

It definitely helps ease the anxiety of not being able to pay for my utilities, rent and any other bill I might have.