The Princeton Art Guild and Gallery is honored to feature photography by Jason Jones in our Charles Alvin Lisanby Gallery during the months of June and July 2019.

Jones issued the following statement:

"When I was a child I discovered I could draw things I see. I could also put on paper things only I could see in my imagination. Family members received my artwork often. Our refrigerator at home was covered in the latest masterpieces.

My interest in art continued throughout high school to the present. I started finding photos compelling, but family and adult responsibilities became my focus. I still drew when I could. I had a little 110 camera that I would play around with. Then a cheap point and shoot 35mm.

When cell phone cameras became popular everyone began to take and share pictures. The first photos I took and shared to photography sites were done with cell phone cameras. I had a hobby I could do anytime.

Over time I bought a camera and started learning and exploring. Photos I shared were well received. This hobby was fulfilling and my interest grew, j.jones photography was born.

Since those first pictures my hobby has received many online awards. My pictures have been published in Unbridled Art magazine. In April 2019, I was awarded first place in Pennyrile State Forest Resort Park Advanced Landscape Photography. Also, this year, I won third place in an exhibit with Pennyroyal Arts Council National Endowment of the Arts. I had pieces displayed in Murray, Cadiz, Hopkinsville and Princeton. I sent some to England also.

My current favorite subjects are old barns, landscapes, and wildlife. My hope is that you will let my photos make you see the subject matter perhaps a little differently than normal or feel an emotional connection to one of the photographs.

Thank you for sharing in my love of photography. I sincerely hope my art brings a little joy to your life. My hobby enriched my life to an extent I never imagined."