Jarrid Scott, a Dawson Springs artist, illustrator, muralist and printmaker, is having his exhibit “Portals” shown in Princeton Art Guild’s Charles Alvin Lisanby Gallery until Jan. 31, 2020.

An artist reception is scheduled for Dec. 14 at the Guild House. Light refreshments will be available.

From a young age, Scott has always been intrigued by animals. He attempts to keep his inner child alive through illustrations and sculptural works, creating fantastical dream like pieces that touch on realism. Scott conveys his idea of conservation through the use of his materials and visual storytelling. Some of his acrylic paintings and pencil illustrations focus on the current state of the planet, including endangered species and their futures without the help of humanity.

Scott’s most recent sculpture works take form with damaged or discarded taxidermy. He attempts to bring honor and enlightenment into these animals through the use of crystals, beads, jewels, insects, gold leaf, silver leaf, and light.