Harper Lewis, 9, started dancing at Center Stage Dance Academy in Paducah about a year ago and has been dancing for about a year and a half.

Her teachers, Kim, Kristin, Lisa and Stacy, have worked hard with her the past year to help catch her up in dance technique and to develop her natural dance talent.

She dances with an amazing group of girls her age from the Paducah, Benton and Mayfield areas. "Too Original," her group dance, and her solo dances, "Bigger Is Better" and "A Million Dreams," have won high point titles this year at KAR, Rainbow and Revolution dance competitions in Louisville, Memphis and Nashville.

Harper showcased nine dances (solos, trios and group dances) in Paducah this past Monday and Tuesday nights at the annual CSDA recital.

She and her teammates have put in hours of practice each week and will continue to do so throughout the month of June in preparation for the Rainbow national dance competition in Pigeon Forge in July.