To wrap up the end of the summer, the George Coon Public Library held a celebration for teens with dinner, a movie and prizes.

Ashley Jones, a children and youth librarian at the library, said one reason they hold these programs is to prevent the "summer slide." That is when reading and other academic abilities decline in the summer months due to school being out.

"Whenever they get to the next school year, they don't have to work as hard to retain the information they had learned during the previous school year," Jones said.

It also gives children and teens a place to go during the summer where they can build knowledge on the programs theme; this summers theme was space. The teen programs help with social growth.

"These programs have helped them build relationships with other people," Jones said. "They've gotten to know each other and make their friendship circles a little bit bigger."

She said they also got to help pick out the movies they watched, and this led them to invite friends.

"I see excitement whenever they come because they kind of have some ownership," Jones said. "We have a teen advisory board that meets the first Wednesday of the month and they come to help me plan the activities."

She said her favorite event this summer was paint night.

"You see all this talent come out and you see them working together," Jones said. "You get to see them have more opportunities to converse with each other."

She's witnessed the older students' love of the younger ones, and saw them help them along.

"It's kinda what I want from them, like a mentorship kind of thing" Jones said.

The themes of programs are picked nationally by the Collaborative Summer Learning Program.

"Next year will be a fairytale theme," Jones said. "I'm pretty excited about that because you can do all sorts of things with fairytales."

They are currently working on their new pamphlet of events for the upcoming months and those will ready at the end of August.

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