Kyndle Mahaffey (front) was the inspiration behind a recent fundraising effort by her friends (back, from left) Briawna Scimeca, Morgan Aikins, Katy Smiley, Lilly Perry and Brooklyn Hillyard to raise money for Chive Charities. The girls created and sold custom tie-dyed shoes and raised $1,500 for Chive Charities, the nationwide organization that provided Mahaffey and her family with a new van.

Chive Charities, a nationwide organization that helps individuals who have rare medical conditions, is receiving $1,500 from the Chi-Dye crew, a group of local young ladies who put their tie-dying skills to work for the charity.

Caldwell County Elementary School fifth grade student Morgan Aikins was inspired to raise money for Chive Charities after the organization reached out and helped her friend Kyndle Mahaffey.

Kyndle, a third grader at Caldwell County Elementary School, was born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida.

Last December, Chive representatives surprised Kyndle’s parents, John and Katie Mahaffey, with a new wheelchair accessible Dodge Grand Caravan, and they gave Kyndle an adaptive bicycle so she could ride and play like other kids her age.

After Aikins learned about the work of Chive and its Green Ribbon Fund which allows people across the country to read the stories of “underdogs” and make contributions to help, she decided to start a local fundraiser to contribute to the Chive cause.

“They (Chive Charities) did so much to help my friend Kyndle. I wanted to help them help other people,” said Morgan. “Kyndle is my inspiration for all this.”

Aikins knew in order to make a bigger impact, she needed a bigger team, so she enlisted the help of some of Kyndle’s other friends — Lilly Perry, Katy Smiley, Brooklyn Hillyard and Briawna Scimeca.

The Chi-Dye crew worked throughout the summer creating custom pairs of tie-dyed tennis shoes which they then sold to raise money for Chive.

The girls set up booths at area craft events to sell shoes and take orders. They also promoted their cause through Facebook and local media. Local businesses also got on board supporting the girls and taking orders for shoes.

In just a few months, they were able to raise $1,500 for Chive.

The fundraiser has now wrapped up and Aikins has sent her donation into the organization.

She said some pairs of shoes were leftover from the fundraiser and she is sending all of those pairs to Haiti so local missionary Janie Fraliex can distribute them to children in need.

For more information about the organization and to read about families like the Mahaffeys who have benefitted, visit