The Princeton-Caldwell County Airport Board met on Nov. 18 to discuss grant awards, grant proposals, and other projects. Board members include Lloyd Murdock, Milton Cook, Kerry Creasy, Mark Thomas, John Capps, Bruce Morris, Phillip Sisk, and Jim Joiner.  

The Princeton-Caldwell County Airport Board met on Thursday, Nov. 18, to discuss capital improvement projects, grant awards and proposals, and conduct other business.

Board Chairman Lloyd Murdock informed the board he is expecting an additional $22,000 in COVID-19 funds as part of the American Rescue Plan Act.

Previously, the board received $29,000 in CARES Act funding. The funds are for operational purposes. The board agreed the funding can be used for fuel.

The board also discussed the new 911 emergency phone and WiFi service. AT&T is providing internet service, and magicJack is the landline provider.

Board member Phillip Sisk said he is pleased with the cheap and reliable solutions.

Murdock gave an update on state grant proposals. He said the $200,000 grant application is submitted, alongside a letter of support from Judge-Executive Lary Curling.

Murdock reported on the Kentucky Department of Aviation’s annual inspection. The inspection noted airport pavement and lighting repairs. Murdock said any repairs are not substantial and are minor in scale. He noted items are only inspection recommendations.

“They talked about miscellaneous housekeeping things, and part of that was mowing,” he said. “I’ve gotten rid of most of that material that they talked about.”

Murdock and AEI consultants, Todd Bloch and Scott Hammond, reported on the Airport Capital Improvement Plan. The FAA program enables general aviation airports to invest in facilities and property.

Currently, the board is making efforts to extend runaway capacity and build additional tee hangars with a land acquisition agreement.