Lynn Bechler

Representative Lynn Bechler of the 4th District has been reappointed to serve on the Program Review and Investigations Committee. He was also elected to serve as co-chair of the committee.

The Program Review and Investigations Committee is a 16-member bipartisan committee that is empowered to review the operations of state agencies and programs, to determine whether funds are being spent for the purposes for which they were appropriated. The committee also evaluates the efficiency of program operations, and to evaluate the impact of state government reorganizations. State agencies are obligated to correct operational problems identified by the committee and must implement the committee’s recommendations or propose suitable alternatives.

“As with the other committees I work with, it is an honor to continue to be on this one,” Bechler said. “At a time when budget dollars are stretched as far as they can possibly go, the oversight that Program Review provides is crucial to Kentucky.”

Bechler was reappointed by House Speaker David Osborne. “Rep. Bechler has served with distinction on Program Review and I am pleased that he agreed to serve another term.

It speaks volumes that his fellow committee members voted unanimously to elect him to another term as co-chair. His common sense approach to investigating issues with state agencies and programs allows us to move past the political partisanship and find a way to solve problems. I am proud to serve with him in the House and I know he will continue to do what is always in the best interest of the people of this great commonwealth.”

In addition to serving in this capacity, Bechler is also a member of the following Interim Joint Committees: Appropriations and Revenue; Economic Development and Workforce Investment; and Tourism, Small Business, and Information Technology. He is also Co-Chair of the Interim Budget Review Subcommittee on Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Protection. His term on the Program Review and Investigations Committee will expire on August of 2022.