At 4:57 a.m. on Sunday, July 11, Caldwell County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the 800 block of Enon Road in reference to a vehicle swept off the roadway due to high flood water.

The woman told dispatchers water was quickly entering her vehicle and she couldn’t get out. Due to the electrical system shorting out, she was unable to roll her window down and also could not open her doors as the vehicle was wedged between trees in the ditch, authorities said.

“With time being of essence, Pennyrile Central Dispatch was unable to quickly ascertain the exact location of the female in order for the deputies to get to her and render assistance,” according to a news release.

Sheriff’s deputy Chad Hawkins arrived on scene in less than nine minutes and saw the 2012 Jeep wedged between two trees in the ditch.

By that time, the only area of the vehicle that wasn’t submerged in the water was the roof. Hawkins immediately began rescue efforts by tying a tow strap to his body and anchoring it to his police cruiser, authorities said.

Hawkins waded approximately 40 feet into the flood waters, which were swiftly flowing. He was able to break the window of the vehicle and tied the tow strap to the woman at which point Deputy Josh Travis pulled both Hawkins and the woman to safety.

“Deputies Chad Hawkins and Josh Travis undoubtedly resulted in saving the female from a tragic outcome,” Chief Deputy Chris Noel said.

The Caldwell County Road Department arrived on scene shortly thereafter and placed road closure signage up until the flood waters receded later in the morning, authorities said.