CMC vaccinations

Caldwell Medical Center’s Thursday vaccine clinic will see 200 patients. Kentucky residents who are grouped in phases 1-3 can receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at the CMC regional site.

On Thursday, Caldwell Medical Center (CMC) will be vaccinating Kentucky residents who are 18 or older. Residents grouped in phases 1-3 are eligible to receive their vaccinations.

“So we’ve moved through our phases relatively quickly, and we want to make sure as we’re receiving these doses we are getting them into willing arms as quickly as possible,” said Mandy Smiley, the infection preventionist at CMC.

Each week, Smiley and CMC receive 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine. Vaccinations take place on Thursdays with clinic hours beginning at 7:30 a.m. and lasting until the last patient is vaccinated.

“On a typical vaccination clinic day, we will have anywhere from 10-15 folks helping us with the clinic,” Smiley said.

There are a total of six registered nurses that are available to help with performing vaccinations.

CMC started with Moderna and will continue to use Moderna for the foreseeable future unless the state distributes another vaccine.

Being a regional site allows CMC medical personnel to vaccinate Kentucky residents who reside within and outside of Caldwell county.

“Nothing’s really changing at this point. We’ve been a regional site now for few weeks, and I think this is going into our fourth week as a regional site,” Smiley said.

As a regional site, Feb. 25 was the first day CMC administered a vaccine, but its very first vaccination took place last year in December.

Gov. Andy Beshear made a statement back in February highlighting the importance of regional sites. “This is part of our continued commitment to making sure you don’t have to drive more than one county away to get your vaccine.”

As an infection preventionist, Smiley’s role is to keep staff, patients, and visitors safe from any kind of infectious diseases. “This has been a real eye-opener with COVID-19 for the infection prevention world and the importance of infection prevention and the role that we play in providing quality care for our patients and our community.”

Casey Farley, CMC’s marketing manager, encourages residents to get vaccinated. “Working in health care we would definitely recommend getting the vaccine and we encourage for everybody to look into the facts why it is important to get it.”

Smiley and Farley do promote other vaccine clinics in the area. “For Caldwell County and the Princeton area, there are several other clinics where patients can get vaccinated.”

Smiley does recommend a COVID-19 test for any resident, whether symptoms are present or not.

In addition to vaccinations, CMC is also hosting a Community Blood Drive on Thursday at Princeton’s Welcome Center. Appointments can be confirmed by reaching the West Kentucky Regional Blood Center at 888-864-9296.

The vaccine clinic at CMC on Thursdays will not take walk-in patients. To make an appointment, call 270-365-0428.