The hill on Beckner Lane from Ky. 293 to Caldwell County High School got a workout Thursday as seniors and their families took part in preparations for graduation.

That morning, the community was invited to drive up the road to see the 135 seniors’ signs, which included their name, a photo and the slogan “From a distance, we stand together.”

Cars filled up the roadway, with some people taking videos of the signs, others getting out and getting photos of the signs and the greeting placed at the high school sign along the highway: “We love our Class of 2020.”

At noon, it was the seniors’ turn, lining their cars up along the canopy in front of the school to receive their caps, gowns and other graduation items from school personnel.

Principal Christy Phelps also handed each graduate a list of instructions and information about the upcoming baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies and how to receive transcripts.

There was a special “Seniors” sign with each graduate’s signature that class members could pose in front of for photos, with the graduate forming the “I” in the word.

This week, seniors are to get a photo of themselves in cap and gown to be used in the graduation ceremony video. That should be sent to the school by Friday through the Photocircle “loveCCHScaps&gowns.”

Seniors are also asked to get a photo of themselves with their senior signs and share it with the school through the Photocircle “celebrateCCHSsigns.”

The baccalaureate service will be streamed at 7 p.m. May 17. The Final Walk video will be released May 18, and the Virtual Class Night honors program will be released May 19.

On graduation day, May 22, a campus parade and diploma distribution is planned, maintaining state health guidelines.

The afternoon parade will begin in town and end at the high school campus. At the school, seniors will get out of their cars one by one and receive their diplomas.

A virtual graduation ceremony will be released at 7 p.m. May 22, where seniors and their families can watch from their own homes. Information about where to view the videos and streamed ceremonies will be released during the week of graduation at