If you take part in your school’s academic competitions and it’s January, it’s time for the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition Governor’s Cup.

Governor’s Cup is the Super Bowl of Kentucky academic competitions, with students at the primary school, middle school and high school levels taking part statewide.

Competitions include team competitions in quick recall and future problem solving with individual competitions in composition and five written assessment tests in five subjects: math, science, social studies, language arts and arts and humanities.

At the district and regional level, the future problem solving and compositions are done on Tuesday and the quick recall and written assessment tests are done on Saturday of the same week.

The high school district competitions will be held this week. Livingston Central is serving as the host of the district competition, which includes Caldwell County, Dawson Springs and Trigg County high schools.

This year, because of COVID-19 concerns, the Governor’s Cup is being held virtually, with students competing against each other online, bringing the academic competition in unchartered territory.

“It’s kind of funny: We do a future problem-solving theme where you think, in 20 years, what would you do to solve this problem,” said Sonia McClung, the Caldwell County High School academic coach. “Well, don’t you wish we would have had this problem solved before it ever happened? This would have been the best future problem-solving theme ever.”

High school regional competitions will take place on Feb. 8 and 13, with the state competition held March 13-17 at Galt House in Louisville.

Caldwell County Middle School is reportedly not taking part this year, but Caldwell County Elementary School is. The elementary school district competition takes place Feb. 16 and 20, with the regional being held March 1 and 6. There is no state competition for elementary school levels, which covers grades 3 through 5.

For more information about the KAAC Governor’s Cup competition, go to kaac.com and click on the Governor’s Cup link.