The Princeton City Council on Monday approved the bid from WastePath to serve as the city’s residential and commercial waste collector, beginning Jan. 1.

In a post on his Facebook page, Mayor Kota Young praised the service of WCA Waste, but said the cost savings for the city and customers was what led to the approval of WastePath.

“Under WastePath’s accepted bid, residents will be able to have two trash cans for a monthly fee of $13.24,” the post read. “Currently, residents are billed $13.25 a month for one can. Essentially, citizens will now have two cans for the price of one.

“For those residents wishing to keep only one can, however, their monthly cost will fall from $13.25 to $8.24 per month.”

Young added that one business will save almost $6,000 per year and two others would save more than $4,000.

“Furthermore, under this new franchise, the city will be retaining tens of thousands of dollars in new non-tax based revenue from the profits of our waste collection company, which we look forward to reinvesting into our community,” the post read.

“Needless to say, we are excited to be able to provide these cost savings to our businesses and to our citizens, especially during these trying times, and look forward to sharing additional information about this new opportunity as the contract’s start date draws closer.”

Those having 2-yard dumpsters will pay $24.75 per collection per week, and those with 4-yard dumpsters would pay $48.70 per collection per week.

Those with 96-yard commercial carts would pay $10.48 per collection per week. There is a charge of $6.50 for each additional cart.

The city council also approved a resolution for the application of Coronavirus Relief Fund payment to reimburse expenses relating to COVID-19.

Gov. Andy Beshear announced Tuesday that five northern Kentucky governments will receive COVID-19 reimbursements, including Fort Mitchell, $592,653; Villa Hills, $239,962; Williamstown, $227,989; Wilder, $220,753; and Mason County, $46,000.