Road crews began repaving last week and have so far finished 17 of 78 roads scheduled.

Massive repaving plans for Princeton roads were already 20% complete as of Tuesday morning.

Work began June 17 to pave 78 city roads ⁠— essentially two-thirds of the city— by late summer with about $900,000 in city funding allocated toward the effort.

The project was announced during a June 1 budget meeting by Mayor Kota Young, who attributed the possible surplus to lowered bid costs due to the pandemic.

City council member Jim Joiner said it was nice to have the funding available this year, which stems from $400,000 in general funds. The other $500,000 is short-term financing that will be repaid in fiscal year 2020-21 through local government economic assistance reserves and state road aid apportionment funds.

“The two factors were the surplus and the lower costs, so why not take advantage of that?” Joiner told the Times Leader. “Everyone I’ve spoken to in general has been excited about the repaving.”

Public Works Director David Sullenger said paving could be finished in roughly two weeks, weather permitting. “We really needed this,” he said. “Probably some roads haven’t been paved in 30 years.”

“Everybody has to be patient in case of some headaches.”

Work last week was temporarily halted due to mechanical issues at Rogers Group, the project’s asphalt contractor, but progress soon resumed. “But (still), everything’s been good so far. I’ve heard nothing but positives (from people).”

For more information, call Princeton City Hall at 270-365-9575.