Information gathering at 10 tables drew the community to the Caldwell County Primary School parking lot. The community baby shower event was from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.

HOPE Family Resource Center staff Theresa Ray and Lacey Gilkey registered the attendees at the first table. They work in the youth service center of HOPE.

“We decided if we could get it done this year, we would,” Ray said.

Planning began last year. Initially, the baby shower was set to be hosted at a local church, where meals, music, and activities were to be provided.

Then COVID-19 struck, so HOPE had to pivot and reprioritize their components.

They decided to have it outside this year, regardless of the weather. It was imperative to offer the invaluable service.

At the inception, the baby shower event was called The World’s Greatest Baby Shower. In this year’s iteration, a tabling event offered attendees prizes, insurance information, gift bags, and other products and services aimed at promoting and improving infant and toddler health and wellness.

For instance, pregnancy information, pre-natal literature and factsheets, local church services, safety tips, community donations, and other family resources were available at the event.

Several of the mothers who attended were past students, they expressed their gratitude for the service that HOPE does in the community.

Ashley Jones and Rebecca Pool of the George Coon Public Library hosted a table. They were accepting registrations for the Imagination Library, Dolly Parton’s book-gifting program. Through the program, children up to 5 receive mail ordered books at no charge to the family.

Libby Dillingham is the support staff for the family resource center, which services the preschool through fifth grade population.

“On a daily basis, it could be anywhere from helping with school supplies, shoes, birth certificates and numerous things,” Dillingham said.

For Child Abuse Prevention Month — recognized in April — HOPE is giving away bookmarks and flowers.

Stephanie Randall is the coordinator for HOPE, and she was responsible for planning the baby shower, which took about a month to put together.

Names will be drawn next week for several door prizes.