Paducah Public Schools

PADUCAH -- The Paducah Independent School District has announced its final days for students.

The elementary schools will be ending a few days after the middle and high schools.

The dates for each school are:

  • Paducah Head Start Preschool - Tuesday, May 5
  • Paducah Tilghman High School - Friday, May 8
  • Paducah Middle School - Friday, May 8
  • Clark Elementary - Monday, May 11 (half-day)
  • McNabb Elementary - Monday, May 11 (half-day)
  • Morgan Elementary - Monday, May 11 (half-day)

Superintendent Donald Shively says elementary students have to have a half day of classes to make sure they complete 1,062 hours of instruction.

“Since our elementary schools have 30 minutes of recess in a school day, that puts them a bit short of having 1,062 hours of instruction on May 8,” Shively explained. “To meet the required 1,062 hours of instruction, our elementary schools will need to complete a half day of instruction on May 11.”

Non-traditional Instruction Days will be extended through the end of the school year for all students.