U.S. Rep. David Kustoff represents a large swath of northwest Tennessee. On Tuesday, he talked with Local 6 via FaceTime.

He said he intends to vote yes on the package once it reaches the House.

"There are plenty of small businesses around the nation, in Tennessee and Kentucky, that need that money so they can keep their lights open. It's a lifeline. So I'm going to vote yes, because most importantly, what it does is it funds that paycheck protection," Kustoff said.

So what about future rounds of funding?

Asked if he envisioned any future bills providing more COVID-19 relief and if that might include another round of stimulus checks for individuals, the congressman had this to say: "I want to see this money start filtering its way through the economy. Again, the Paycheck Protection Program, the stimulus payments, it started to go to individuals last week. People starting receiving other rounds of funding. Let's see what works. Let's see what doesn't work, what maybe needs to be tinkered with, and then we can make decisions after that."

The congressman also weighed in on Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's controversial decision to reopen the economy.

Kustoff said he supports Lee's plan. He said it's important to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is worse in some places compared to others.

"So, what's best for the state of Tennessee or the state of Kentucky may be entirely different from the state of New York or Massachusetts or Washington. And what's best for Paducah, Nashville and Memphis and Jackson, well, that may be different for NYC or Washington, D.C. So, I think each governor and each mayor should make the decisions based on their respective states and communities," the congressman said.