Mail in driver license form

The Division of Driver Licensing launched a robust mail in renewal program beginning Friday, Oct. 1.

In addition to the current online renewal program (offered for those renewing standard or Real ID driver licenses with no testing required and no name/address changes), there is now a mail in renewal program for those who wish to:

• renew a standard or Real ID driver license

• renew a standard or Real ID Identification Card

• renew a standard or Real ID motorcycle/drover license combination

• request a duplicate/ replacement credential , OR

• request a change of address.

This option does not apply to CDL licenses, non-US citizens or applicants who require testing (written, road or vision). More information will added to website soon.

The form must be completed and emailed or mailed to KYTC in Frankfort for processing. It is not to be processed by Circuit Court Clerks as it is designed around the new issuing system now in use by KYTC.