This Saturday, the Caldwell County Farmers Market returns to Princeton to commence the summer season.

“We’re hoping to extend it further this year into December,” Lisa Trimble, Caldwell County Farmers Market board chair, said.

Childrens programs will be offered at the farmers market this year, which is new.

Trimble wanted to provide every group an opportunity to be enriched at the market.

The board has plans to bring live music to the market, as well.

The new location of the market is also something the board is experimenting with. It is going to be hosted at the Caldwell County Farm Bureau on Route 62.

This space offers higher visibility, according to Trimble. In previous years, the market was located within downtown Princeton, where there was limited parking and little traffic.

Trimble hopes the relocation will improve the market and its reach.

There are 12 full membership participants. The annual membership fee is $50 and an associate membership is $7 a week.

The kid’s days at the market will be the first Saturday of the month. Themes and activities will be promoted by vendors, members and partners. Kid activities and vendors will begin setting up at 10 a.m.

Ashley Jones, of the George Coon Public Library, will host a table and a story hour at 10:30 a.m. The book is derby-themed. She will also have derby-themed crafts available.

Other kid-themed vendors are Create Princeton, Farmers Bank Ambassadors, and Caldwell County 4-H Teen Council. They partnered to bring a hands-on art project for KIDS Day at the farmers market.

Currently, there are 12 or so vendors planning to attend the market on Saturday. As the week goes on, more should be joining, according to Trimble.

Every year, the market begins in May and runs through the fall. Trimble and the board anticipate operating through the holiday season.

Gov. Andy Beshear declared Tuesday that masks will not be required at outdoor events where there are less than 1,000 people. The market is no exception.

Masks are not required, but they are allowed. Throughout the market will be sanitizing stations and hand-washing areas. The market will follow state guidelines and establish a culture of safety and caution.

“We’re always looking for people who have fresh produce for sale,” Trimble said.

Anything that is sold at the market is hand-crafted. Items for resale are not prohibited.

The farmers market will begin at 8 a.m. and end at noon on Saturday. More information is available on the Caldwell County Farmers Market Facebook page.