The final Caldwell County federal and state election totals were announced Monday by Caldwell Court Clerk Toni Watson. The city and county totals will be published in the Times Leader on Saturday.

In the race for president, Republican Donald Trump garnered 4,906 votes in the county, while Democrat Joseph Biden got 1,433 and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen had 58.

Kanye West got 22 votes, while Brock Pierce had nine votes, Howie Hawkins had three, Brian Carroll had two and President R19 Boddie had one.

For U.S. senator, Reppublican Mitch McConnell got 4,452 votes, while Democrat Amy McGrath got 1,675 and Libertarian Brad Barron got 298.

For U.S. representative, Republican James Comer had 4,948 votes, while Democrat James Rhodes had 1,407.

For state representative, Republican Lynn Bechler had 4,375 votes, while Democrat Alonzo Pennington had 1,761 and independent Austin Valentine Jr. had 208.

In the race for judge of the Court of Appeals, a nonpartisan race, Chris McNeill had 2,658 votes, while Jenny Hines had 2,299.

In the vote for Constitutional Amendment 1 — also known as Marsy’s Law — 3,159 people voted for the amendment, while 2,250 voted against it.

In the vote for Constitutional Amendment 2 — dealing with terms of office for several positions — 3,735 people voted against the amendment, while 1,795 voted in favor of it.