The Caldwell Fiscal Court approved bids for the road department at its June 24 meeting and were pleased that there was more than one company submitting bids.

Judge-Executive Larry Curling noted that when there is competition, the cost of the bids goes lower than when there is only one company submitting bids.

“(The bids) came in pretty good,” he told the magistrates. “Last year, I think our highest asphalt bid was a little over $80. This year, it was down around $60. Oil prices made a difference.”

District 3 Magistrate Brent Stallins said that the cost of oil being down was not the only factor in the low bid prices.

“I believe, for the first time, we had someone bid against Rogers — and I’m not knocking Rogers’ work,” he said. “What they’ve done for us has been exceptional.”

“Competition does help,” Curling said. “Any time you get competition down here, it makes a big difference. I’m kind of like Brent: If you didn’t have competition, the price would have been much higher. So, we’re going to work with the road builders to make sure they get two (bids) every year.”

The court voted 4-1 to accept the bids, with Stallins being the sole dissenting vote.

The fiscal court voted to accept rock bids from Rogers Group and Lafarge based on which quarry was closest to the job at hand.

The bids approved for road materials for Fiscal Year 2021 are:

• Tack oil: Marathon Petroleum Group: RS-2, $2.11 per gallon; AE-200, $2.91 per gallon; SS-1H, $2.11 per gallon.

• Chip and seal: Crown Contracting and Paving: single seal, $0.65 per square yard; double seal, $1.04 per square yard; water, $0.05 per gallon; grader, $110 per hour; vibratory roller, $90 per hour.

• Hot mix (asphalt): Rogers Group: base asphalt, $57.38 delivered; binder asphalt, $60.99 delivered; surface asphalt, $63.91 delivered.

• Pipe or culverts: Contech Engineered Solutions: 15-inch pipe, $13.22 per foot, total $317.28; 18-inch pipe, $15.95 per foot, total $382.80; 24-inch pipe, $20.35 per foot, total $488.40.

• Rock (accepted two companies’ bids): DGS, Rogers Group $8.75 per ton, Lafarge $8.25 per ton; No. 57, Rogers Group $9.85 per ton, Lafarge $8.75 per ton; No. 610, Rogers Group $8.75 per ton, Lafarge $7.75 per ton; No. 11, Lafarge $9 per ton; No. 8, Lafarge $9.50 per ton; No. 3, Rogers Group $10.50 per ton, Lafarge $9 per ton; No. 4, Rogers Group $9.85 per ton; No. 23, Rogers Group $9.85 per ton; Class 1 riprap, Lafarge $11.50 per ton; Class 2 riprap, Rogers Group $13 per ton, Lafarge $11.50 per ton; Class 3 riprap, Lafarge $11.50 per ton.

The fiscal court voted to discontinue maintenance of 965 feet of Lance Nichols Road and 1,010 feet of South Hill Cemetery Road.

The fiscal court decided to have its next meeting at 9 a.m. on July 15. It is using the courtroom for its meetings to follow COVID-19 guidelines, and meeting on a Tuesday could interfere with court proceedings.