Caldwell County will be working with fewer funds than expected in Fiscal Year 2021 because of secondary effects from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The county will have a reduction of $123,000 in road aid — down from the original $1.006 million — because of a reduction in revenues from gasoline taxes, Caldwell Judge-Executive Larry Curling said at Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting.

“Over a month ago, (the fiscal court) approved our county road aid fund for $1.006 million,” he said. “We had to re-approve it (Tuesday) because we had a reduction in road aid to $883,000.

“The reason for that is the gas tax. It isn’t so much that the gas got low in price; it’s just that people weren’t driving so much, and the state lost millions of dollars because of that. They’re having to come back to all of these counties and cut their road aid, which is a big hit for us.”

Curling said the county depends on state road aid to pave and repair local roads. He added that flex funding — originally set at about $500,000 — was cut by about $82,000.

Flex funding is part of the state’s Rural Secondary Program, which comes from part of the motor fuels tax revenue.

Flex fund amounts are determined by the condition of the state roads in each county. The better condition the state roads in a county are in, the more flex funding the county receives. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet enters into an agreement with the county to reimburse it for work on the roads listed in the agreement.

The distance of repaving on Ky. 70, which cuts across the northern part of the county, was cut by 0.8 miles to compensate for the $82,000 reduction in funding.

State funding for county projects takes effect on July 1, when the fiscal year begins.

Curling also announced that the courthouse will be open in a limited capacity beginning this Monday. Offices affected are county offices and do not include the property valuation administrator or state offices.

“We will have the north entrance open, and we’ll have somebody there to cut down on traffic,” he said. “We still ask people that — if they can do their business online or by phone — to continue to do that.”

The courthouse will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call County Clerk Toni Watson at 270-365-6754.