The number of coronavirus cases in the five-county Pennyrile Health District jumped by seven last week, but no new cases were reported in Caldwell County.

Trigg County added six cases between June 6 and 12, bringing the county total to 17 since the pandemic began, but with no deaths. That is just one behind the hardest hit county, Lyon, which added another new case during the same time period. Lyon County has also reported three deaths, more than any other of the five counties.

Caldwell County has reported only 12 positive cases, according to numbers released Friday by Pennyrile District Health Department, and no deaths. Both Livingston and Crittenden counties have had eight cases. One death from the virus has been reported in Crittenden County.

On Monday, Kentucky’s death total from COVID-19 reached 500. Gov. Andy Beshear also reported at least 12,647 total cases having been reported in the state.

“It’s a virus that we’re actively fighting against, but in that short period of time, taking 500 people is devastating,” the governor said. “It’s awful.”

Beshear, in his daily updated, urged the importance of wearing a mask in preventing the jump in the number of cases that is growing in almost half of the 50 states.

“The one most important thing we can do to prevent a spike, to make our reopening go the way we want it to, is to wear a mask. I know this has become part of what some people call a cultural war,” he said. “Folks, this is not. This is key to keeping each other alive. It’s the key to keeping our reopening.”