The U.S. Department of Agriculture last week released its 2019 grain estimates for Kentucky counties. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, corn was king in Caldwell County and Kentucky.

In Caldwell County, 15.23 bushels were harvested from 34,500 acres. Yield was 173 bushes per acre.

In 2019, 1.8 bushels of corn were harvested in Lyon County from 10,500 acres. The local yield was better than average across the state at 171 bushels per acre, two more that the Kentucky average.

Statewide, 245.05 million bushels of corn were harvested last year from 1.45 million acres.

Soybeans in Kentucky last year yielded 77.74 million bushels from 1.69 million acres harvested.

In Caldwell County, 1.64 million bushels were harvested from 35,300 acres for a yield of 46.5 bushels per acre.

In Lyon County, 370,000 bushel were harvested from 8,600 acres. That is a yield of 43 bushels per acre, just below the state average of 46 bushels.