'Ark' amazement


Princeton First Baptist Church visited The Ark in Williamstown on Monday. About 50 church members walked through the massive replica of Noah's Ark, learning more about the epic Biblical tale.

Princeton First Baptist Church began a church-wide trip to The Ark on Monday in Williamstown, Kentucky.

The Ark is a massive ship with three decks replicating Noah's Ark and depicting the Biblical tale.

“We were eager to visualize what Noah was able to put together during Biblical times,” church member George Kilgore said. “We’ve heard the story our whole lives but seeing the replica in person is unforgettable.”

Although Kilgore had brought the church’s senior group before, this was the first time the whole church had gone.

“There were 50 of us in total,” Kilgore said. “Some came up the night before and others drove up Monday morning.”

“Kids of all ages and adults were able to come and experience the Ark.”

He said the church decided on the attraction because of its Biblical history.

“The story of Noah’s Ark is something that everyone hears in Sunday School and going on this trip was able to just bring that to life,” Kilgore said.

He said the group spent four hours going through the massive ship.

“It’s a good way to teach the younger kids about it,” Kilgore said. “It’s also good for the senior adults to be able to actually visualize the Ark.”

“It’s amazing to experience what Noah created and think of the animals that he was able to bring onto the Ark with him.”

He said the church began planning the trip in October.

“We’re proud of the turnout of the trip,” Kilgore said. “We were excited to have the opportunity to get younger and older people around each other and learn new things together.”

“Hopefully this will be something we can continue in the future, just getting together in fellowship.”