If you have a knack for reading and competition, you're invited to the Battle of the Books kickoff at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 29 in the George Coon Public Library Auditorium.

Battle of the Books is a program designed to foster a love of reading and encourage students to read books outside of their comfort zone, according to the flyer. Elementary schoolers are encouraged to form teams of four to six with an adult coach, read six selected books and compete against other teams by answering questions based on the books.

Lisa Trimble, GT resource teacher for the school district, said she got the idea from her niece in Michigan.

"She did this thing that she told me about last year at Thanksgiving called Battle of the Books," Trimble said. "It's basically a competition for students to get together."

She said her niece's enthusiam about the program convinced her to bring it to Caldwell County. Trimble has teamed with elementary school librarian Dottie Roberts and Ashley Jones, children and youth librarian at the George Coon Public Library.

"It's kind of a partnership to bring the elementary school and the public library together even more than we already are," Trimble said. "Michelle (GC Library director) and Ashley are willing to let us do a lot of the events there and some of them will take place at CCES."

Ideally, the coach would be one of the team members' parents. The parent would act as liaison for Roberts, Jones and Trimble and make sure are staying on track with their reading.

"This is for students who love to read, but we're also hoping that it'll grab one that might be a reluctant reader and this is their chance because it's a fun, competitive environment," Trimble said. "That seems to light a spark in kids when you do something competitive."

There will be prizes for the first-, second- and third-place teams. Books could be given away as prizes.

"We don't want to ask for children to buy the book," Trimble said. "We sat down and compiled a list of businesses and people that we thought would help us."

If anyone would like to donate money or a certain set of books, they can email Trimble at lisa.trimble@caldwell.kyschools.us. They will have a table set up at parent-teacher conference night with more information about the program. Coaches meetings will be Oct. 29 after the kickoff and Nov. 12.

Registration for Battle of the Books begins Oct. 29 and ends Nov. 8.