4-H members and leaders were honored and recognized at the 2019 Caldwell County 4-H Achievement Banquet last month at Northside Baptist Church. Heath Cummins, 4-H Council President, welcomed everyone and introduced the guests. Knolin Lewis led the pledge to the American Flag and Paycen Rogers led the pledge to the 4-H Flag.

Guests attending the banquet were: auctioneer Wayne Cash and his wife Teresa; Judge-Executive Larry Curling and his wife, Sherry; Magistrate Brent Stallins; Farm Bureau; James Boone and his wife Marian and newborn baby, Brantley; Steve Wallace; Caldwell County Extension Staff Support; Vickie Hatler, Karla Hodge and husband, Tommy; Times Leader representatives Sara Howell and Sheila Brennan; and District 4 State Representative Lynn Bechler.

The 4-H Council sponsored a dessert auction program as a fundraiser for the county 4-H program. The auction was led by Wayne Cash and was a great success, raising over $1,100. The awards program began with the recognition of the junior and senior members and their accomplishments for the past year.

Only those in attendance were recognized. Juniors recognized were: Noah Bailey, Adam Beavers, Whitleigh Carter, Addeline Conger, Eli Cotton, Evan Cotton, Emma Koscho, Isaac Lane, Daniel Laurent, Knolin Lewis, Jase Lowery, Kenzie McConnell, Laney McConnell, Drake Reynolds, Paycen Rogers, Mackenzie Sanders, Bradley Trimble, and Laken White. Senior members who were recognized were: Kaitlyn Amaya, Briley Baker, Madison Crider, Kathryn Eldridge, Shelby Lane, Noah Peake, Emily Sherrill, Katy Trimble, Morgan Witherspoon and Cloverbud, Karoline White.

State Fair winners in attendance were also recognized and received awards. They included:

• Noah Bailey, Blue Ribbon Award country ham.

• Briley Baker, photography.

• Whitleigh Carter, Blue Ribbon country ham.

• Madison Crider, Blue Ribbon country ham.

• Kathryn Eldridge, Blue Ribbon in photography.

• Emma Koscho, Blue Ribbon in photography and country ham.

• Knolin Lewis, Blue Ribbon Award with country ham, photography and trends.

• Kenzie McConnell, Blue Ribbon Award in arts.

• Laney McConnell, Blue Ribbon Award in photography, arts and country ham.

• Paycen Rogers, Blue Ribbon Award in Country Ham, photography and trends.

• Emily Sherrill, Blue Ribbon Award and Category Champion in photography.

• Laken White, Blue Ribbon Award in country ham.

• Morgan Witherspoon, Blue Ribbon Award in photography and arts.

Shooting sports coordinator Annette Witherspoon recognized the 4-H members who placed in the top 10 at the State 4-H shooting sports contest. Sharpshooters recognized were:

• Drake Reynolds, 3rd place .22 sport rifle in the 9-11 yr., 7th place in .22 target rifle 9-11 yr.

• Jase Lowery, 2nd place shotgun division 9-11 yr.

• Briley Baker 6th place in shotgun division I, 15-18 yr.

• Morgan Witherspoon was also recognized as a participant in the state contest

Livestock Judging Team members were also recognized for their accomplishments at the State Livestock Judging Contest and hard work throughout the season. Those in attendance and receiving top 10 awards were:

Clover Division

• Adam Beavers, 3rd in swine, 4th in sheep, 7th in goats, and 2nd clover overall.

• Eli Cotton, 6th in beef, 8th in sheep and 6th clover overall.

• Mackenzie Sanders, 6th in swine.

• Whitleigh Carter, 10th in beef.

Intermediate Division

• Laken White, 1st in swine, 1st in beef, 1st in reasons, 8th in goats and 2nd intermediate overall.

• Addeline Conger, 4th in reasons, 9th in goats, 10th in swine, 10th in beef, and 7th intermediate overall.

• Daniel Laurent, 5th in reasons, 9th in beef, 10th in goats and 4th intermediate overall.

• Isaac Lane, 7th in reasons and 8th in beef.

• Paycen Rogers, 2nd in beef and 9th intermediate overall.

Senior Division

• Katy Trimble, 9th in beef.

• Additional participants in the state contest included Bradley Trimble, Laney McConnell, Evan Cotton, Noah Peake and Shelby Lane.

Isaac Lane was awarded the Livestock Judging 110 percent award. This award is given to a team member or members that has been a hard worker, participated in judging events and demonstrated leadership along with sportsmanship throughout the year. There were also several 4-H members that were recognized for their participation in the State 4-H Livestock shows at the Kentucky State Fair.

Eli Cotton won reserve grand champion in a market hog class; Evan Cotton received grand champion in a hereford breeding class. Katy Trimble and Daniel Laurent were also recognized for their participation in the State Fair swine contest. Addeline Conger, Laney McConnell, Laken White and Katy Trimble were also recognized for competing in the 2019 skillathon contest in Bowling Green and received top honors.

The members in attendance that participated in the Country Ham Project were also recognized for their efforts. Those in attendance were: Whitleigh Carter, Laney McConnell, and Paycen Rogers. Those placing in the top five in either speech or ham were:

• Noah Bailey, 1st place, 10 yr. old smoked division- speech, 3rd place, 10 yr. old Smoked Division- Ham, and 2nd place 10 yr. old Smoked Division Overall.

• Emma Koscho, 2nd place 12 yr. old smoked division - ham.

• Knolin Lewis, 1st place, 12 yr. old smoked division - ham.

• Madison Crider-3 rd place 16-18 yr. old smoked division - ham.

• Laken White, 1st place 13 yr. old smoked division.

Members of the 4-H Teen Council that were in attendance were also recognized for dedication and willing to always go above and beyond. Those recognized were: Kaitlyn Amaya, Kathryn Eldridge, Laney McConnell, Kenzie McConnell, Noah Peake, Emily Sherrill, and Madison Crider. Members not in attendance were, Brandon Williams and Raven Rowlands.

The 4-H Honors program is intended to recognize 4-H participants who have outstanding accomplishments and to provide incentives for youth to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. Those 4-H members that received honor awards in 2019 were also recognized. Emma Koscho, Level 2; Laney McConnell and Kenzie McConnell, Level 3; Kathryn Eldridge and Noah Peake, Level 4; Katy Trimble, Bronze Achievement Award and Madison Crider, Gold Achievement Award.

The Wallace Family Memorial Outstanding Youth Award is awarded to a Caldwell County 4-H member that exemplifies the 4-H's (Head, Heart, Hands, and Health). Steve Wallace, son of Jimmy Wallace, presented the award to Noah Peake along with a plaque and cash award.

Leaders that attended the banquet were also recognized for their years of service to the Caldwell County 4-H Program:

• 2 years: James Boone, Charlotte Cotton, Bill Eldridge, Lori Rogers, Jenny White.

• 3 years: Amy Lewis

• 5 years: Ben Trimble, Ronnie Witherspoon

• 6 years: Serena Eldridge, Bill Crider, Annette Witherspoon

• 7 years: Lisa Trimble

• 8 years: Heath Cummins

• 10 years: Rebecca Hendon, Shanna Sherrill, Josh Waldrum

• 14 years: Candy Adams, Sally Hart

• 22 years: Kevin Laurent

• 30 years: Debbie Boone, Eddie Boone

• 33 years: Ann Barnwell

• 42 years: Peggy Cox

• 52 years: Sandra Roberts

The banquet closed with the presentation of the Meritorious Leader Award which is presented annually to an individual or individuals that have been devoted leaders and supporters of the Caldwell County 4-H Program. The 2019 Meritorious Leader Award was awarded to John Earnest for his dedication to the county 4-H program serving as a Shooting Sports Volunteer leader for over 24 years. He has dedicated many hours to the youth of Caldwell County since the start of the 4-H Shooting Sports program in 1995 and is very deserving of this award.