The Princeton City Council is working on creating a joint franchise that will be responsible for collecting both residential and commercial waste within city limits.

Mayor Kota Young announced Monday that a special called meeting will take place later this month for the council to vote on the franchise's creation.

"We're having to make a final determination more than a year before the contract is put into place," Young said.

The special meeting is set for 5 p.m. Dec. 23 at the Tourism Welcome Center.

In September, Young said the city's current waste management service, WCA Waste Corporation, collects residential but not commercial waste.

"We have done some research outside of the community and have seen that residents and businesses are paying less while their cities are collecting more," Young said. "With that in mind, we decided to start this process."

He said the state requires an 18-month waiting period for the city to enter into a commercial franchise, so an 18-month extension was created with WCA while the city began the statutory process of making the new franchise. The city's contract with WCA expires Dec. 31, 2020.

"From an economic standpoint we're looking at lowering rates for our residents while also, hopefully, significantly reducing the current commercial waste collection rates that our businesses are using," Young said.

He said he doesn't expect the joint franchise to affect employment for WCA workers. After collecting data from Cadiz and Eddyville, he said he'd like Princeton to strive towards residents paying less while the city collects more waste.

"Right now we collect 10 percent of the franchise fee and we only retain 7 percent of that," Young said. "Cadiz and Eddyville collect 20 percent."

"It's never a bad combination to pay less and collect more."