Class of '84 raffling 'Tiger Pride' quilt


Kathy Henry created this "Tiger Pride" T-shirt quilt. It will be raffled at the Class of 1984 reunion Nov. 2.

The Caldwell County High School Class of 1984 is raffling a handmade quilt during its reunion scheduled for 5-6 p.m. Nov. 2 at the Princeton Country Club.

Kathy Henry, class of 1984 member, said the class wanted to do something nice for its reunion while working on a shoestring budget. Unsure of how many would attend the reunion due to busy schedules, class members began searching for ideas to offset the cost of venue rental, music and other expenses.

"I had this crazy idea, 'What if I made a Caldwell County Tigers T-shirt quilt to raffle off? I think I could do that in time,'" Henry said.

Once her mind was set on the handmade quilt, the hunt for T-shirts began. Jennifer Meeks from the Athletic Center donated the first shirt for the project.

"Much to my surprise, these shirts are hard to come by," Henry said. "It seems most people love their shirts, keep them, and pass them down to other children. 'Tiger Pride' is a real." Henry was able to round up shirts through donations, yard sales and thrift shops.

"My goal was to make a quilt that would appeal to anyone," Henry said.

The quilt encompasses T-shirts from All Stars, camps, junior pro, cheer, band, academic teams, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, Lady Tiger basketball, Lady Tiger softball and CATS testing for Caldwell.

"When I found the one that said 'Fear the Stache' I had some serious goosebumps," Henry said. "I thought, how appropriate that coach David Barnes should be on this quilt." Coach Barnes, former CCHS football coach, died Aug. 17, 2019. Henry learned to make T-shirt quilts after taking a class to make one for her daughter, Ainsley. The queen size quilt is her third creation.

"This one is a keeper, I genuinely want to keep this one," Henry said.

Tickets can be purchased from Debbie Smiley at the main branch of First Southern National Bank, Connie Brandon at the School Board office, Kim Farmer at the CCHS, and Henry.

The cost is one for $5, three for $10 and seven for $20. Proceeds go toward the funding of the Class of 1984 reunion and any other future reunions.