As part of an organizational focus on better public health education, Caldwell Medical Center donated several adult and baby CPR mannequins to the Caldwell County School System on Monday. In January the American Heart Association (AHA) updated their standards for CPR certification that requires mannequins to provide feedback. This new AHA rule made our existing CPR equipment out of compliance for our specific clinical certification needs.

Caldwell Medical Center CEO Dan Odegaard said of the donation, "The new AHA standard provided us with a great opportunity. Not only do we update our existing training equipment to remain in the proper professional standards, but we also get to give a new home to the older equipment that allows continued community service. It's a win-win scenario and we are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with local public institutions to bring more health education to our community."

School Nurse Susan Larson explained in the past when the schools would teach CPR the students and related groups they would have to practice compressions and related CPR techniques on a bare table top. It is the hope of Caldwell Medical Center that this donation will help first aid and CPR classes be even more effective and help solidify the important and potentially lifesaving skills that are being provided by the Caldwell County School District.

School administrators present at the presentation commented on the potential to use this equipment at each different school in different class levels and sizes to maximize the impact on public health education efforts. There are also avenues available to integrate them into future programming at the Caldwell Regional Career Center.

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