Caldwell County Middle School has created additional clubs in hopes to encourage more student involvement. Principal Steve Smiley said the school is trying something new this year.

"We've always had a club day but we've had a limited number of clubs and there weren't a lot of opportunities for kids to be involved," Smiley said.

CCMS faculty and staff discussed doing something different with the club day schedule at the beginning of the school year.

"We're having all kinds of clubs this year in an attempt to give kids something to belong to," Smiley said. "If they feel like they belong to something at the school, we think it will improve our environment."

Clubs that will be offered are:

• Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

• Student government.

• Sixth, seventh and eighth grade art clubs.

• No cooking club.

• National Geographic geography bee.

• Two books clubs.

• Student technology leadership program.

• Sixth, seventh and eighth grade cards clubs.

• Academic teams.

• Hoops club.

• Choir.

• Crafting club.

• Racing to the Future.

• Journey club.

• Chess club.

• Culture club.

• Yearbook club.

• Broadcast club.

• App creators.

• Coding club.

• Photography club.

• Environmental club.

• Risk and monopoly club.

• Junior beta.

• Archery club.

• Hunting club.

• Fitness club.

• Performing arts club.

• Kindness club.

• 4-H.

• Pep club.

• Sewing club.

• Minecraft club.

The school board approved club fees Monday. The first club day is scheduled for Friday.