New pastor says Southside Baptist feels like home

Kyle Noffsinger, Lead Pastor at Southside Baptist Church in Princeton

Every church needs a bedrock, and Pastor Kyle Noffsinger believes he's well-suited to provide that for Princeton.

"Stability is the aim," said Noffsinger, 38, who's now served at Southside Baptist, 205 Nichols St., since mid-February. "I think that's the atmosphere the church thrives under."

"This place feels like home."

Noffsinger grew up in Muhlenberg County and later served as pastor at Cadiz Baptist Church in Trigg County for 28 years. Eventually he moved to Southside Baptist -- a decision made with some guidance, he added.

"Trigg County was good to me and family," Noffsinger said, referencing his wife April and their five children. "But when I was approached about Southside … I believe wholeheartedly I am coming here because the Lord has brought me to minister to the people of Caldwell County. I believe it was the will of God."

Noffsinger said he felt involved in the Princeton community quickly, partly thanks to Caldwell County's shared enthusiasm for local sports.

The inclusivity he's felt is what he hopes Southside Baptist can keep providing, adding that he hopes this message rings new for Princeton and Caldwell County "whether someone has any faith background or not."

"It's my prayer and desire that Southside be a church which connects with its community intentionally," he said. "The community isn't here for the church, the church is here for the community."

"Princeton like any place has people that are hurting, people with needs, and we believe this church and Jesus can be an answer for them."

Southside Baptist holds weekly worship at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sundays, and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday nights. The church's children's program, Awana, begins at 5 p.m. Sunday evenings.

Readers can call Southside Baptist Church at 270-365-5510 for more information.