Princeton veteran buried in Italy

Photo courtesy of Richard O. Yates

Richard O. Yates at Charles Matthew Yates' grave in Italy.

Pvt. Charles Matthew Yates was a native of Princeton and born on March 10,1923. He was MIA in Italy until interred January 22, 1944.

His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Yates; he had two brothers, Kenneth and Johnny, and two sisters, Katherine and Mildred.

He was drafted into the Army's 36th INF. He and his older brother Kenneth were sent to Texas for training in the same company. They were both in Italy during World War II when Charles was killed.

Charles is buried in Sicily- Rome America Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy. While in Italy, Richard O. Yates and his wife had the opportunity to visit. His father, Kenneth Yates, wanted go his whole life but wasn't able to.

Richard and his wife were there during the 75th Anniversary of D-Day; their divisions had invaded Italy before D-Day.

This trip was very special for Richard, his wife and the family.