Rogers Group, an asphalt contractor that has been in Princeton since 2000, received prestigious industry recognition -- the Community Relations Excellence Gold Award -- earlier this month for its community involvement.

"Out of the 19 Rogers Group quarries that were recognized, the one in Princeton was one of the only two to receive a gold award," senior sales representative Amanda Dossett said. "It's a pretty good way to be acknowledged and it was an honor to get it."

Dossett brought the award home to Princeton after attending the 2019 Legislative & Policy Forum from Nov. 17-19 in Washington, D.C. The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association has an application that quarries all over the U.S. fill out to apply for the awards.

"We travel between Princeton, Crittenden County and Cadiz and we try to stay active in all of those communities," Dossett said. She has worked out of Princeton for two and a half years.

"The guys were a big part of the Trail of Tears and they worked hard to find boulders that would be useful to people who come and visit the memorial site."

She said Rogers Group helped three area families celebrate Christmas last year.

"We invited the families to our Christmas party at the welcome center and served a meal," Dossett said. "The guys bought all of them presents with money out of their own pockets."

"They've stepped up to the plate every year by providing for families in need within the community."

This year, the company plans on doing something different.

"We're filling backpacks for kids who don't have meals while they're off for the holidays," Dossett said. "There are so many kids in Caldwell and Crittenden (counties) that rely on that meal at school and we want to help in any way we can."

The company also collects items like baby wipes and hand warmers to give to homeless people in the area.

"We've been going to the schools and inviting kids to take tours to show them that they don't necessarily have to leave the community," Dossett said. "A lot of kids don't know that they could be a geologist and work for Rogers Group."

She said the company also tells children they could grow up to be an engineer, work in marketing or accounting, or work in a skilled trade.

"Our outreach program with our kids is something that we've been proud of," Dossett said.

The business has also donated asphalt throughout the community, she said. The company emphasizes community service.

"It's actually a good time of the year to receive the award because they're right in the middle of starting to stock up to give things away at Christmas to the community again," Dossett said. "It always puts a smile on their face."

"This was even more special because this was the first time we've ever received a gold award and they're glad to see someone else notice their hard work."

"We just always want to make sure that we're good stewards that are able to give back to the community."