The local Cub and Boy Scouts of America are hoping to sign up new recruits during an open house Monday night, a gathering intended to promote interest and increase waning numbers.

Tom Hoogland, field director of the Lincoln Heritage Boy Scouts in Louisville, is also the acting district executive. It's his job to assist and help recruit new Scouts.

"I think Scouting is a great program and it's something that every youth should participate in," Hoogland said. "It gets them outside to enjoy the outdoors and gets them off the electronics and social media for a little bit."

"Last year, the Cub Scout pack had about 10 kids and the Boy Scout troop currently has three active members. That's one of the reasons we're doing the recruitment in Princeton. There has to be five kids on the roster in order for the troop to recharter for a new year.

"Last year, we had no problem when we did the Cub Scout pack. We probably had over 20 kids show up at first meeting."

Scouts teach young men and women leadership and life skills.

"We promote anti-bullying, get them ready for life and teach them how to be our future leaders," Hoogland said.

Cub Scouts go to day camps and participate in activities like fishing, shooting BB guns and shooting bow and arrows. They work on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities and learn basic first aid. Some also get to do Pinewood Derby and Space Derby races.

Boy Scouts go to camps as well and have the opportunity to go sailing, water skiing and more. They are able to spend 10-14 days up in the mountains in Mexico or at the Florida sea base.

"They can hike in Mexico or spend time scuba diving and snorkeling in Florida," Hoogland said.

He encourages kids and teens to come to the open house and sign up for Scouting. The event is scheduled for 6-9 p.m. at Ogden Memorial United Methodist Church.

"The troop is doing an activity and parents will receive information about the Scouting program as a whole," Hoogland said. "We also want to talk to parents about leadership opportunities within the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts. We can't have a program without volunteers."