'Socktober' seeking donations from Friday's football crowd


Lisa Trimble and her fourth-period students are organizing an community service event, "Socktober," for the last home football game Friday.

Those in attendance are encouraged to bring a package of socks for adult men, women or youth to the game. There will be a box at the front gate for people to place the packages in.

"The event was an idea my students and I came up with after hearing about its success from another school district," Trimble said. "We want to collect these socks to give to people in need."

She said everyone can use a warm pair of socks, especially with cold weather approaching.

"The socks we collect will be shared with the HOPE/COPE center for students, local nursing homes, and area veterans program/nursing homes," Trimble said.

Interested people can contact Trimble if they have any questions or want to make a donation separate from the football game. Her email is lisa.trimble@caldwell.kyschools.us.