The Kentucky Office of Education Accountability began an investigation last week into the Caldwell County School District.

Superintendent Nate Huggins said a complaint was filed and OEA personnel visited the district to talk to personnel.

"They'll take the complaint back and determine whether or not it's valid," Huggins told the Times Leader. "After collecting all of the policies needed, they're going back to look at all their findings."

Huggins said the school district might not learn the results of the investigation for two to three weeks because of the timing with Thanksgiving break. The superintendent's comments about the state probe were limited due to its ongoing status.

"Anybody can make a complaint and OEA has to investigate when a complaint is made," Huggins said.

WPSD Local 6 reported that OEA Investigation Division Manager Bryan Jones confirmed there is an open investigation within the school district. He would not give specifics or details about the complaint.

Huggins said this isn't the first time Caldwell County has been investigated by the OEA.

"There was an investigation some years back," Huggins said. "It was before I got here."

OEA investigates allegations of wrongdoing of any person or agency at the state, regional or school district level.