Caldwell County High School students experienced the harsh realities of substance abuse -- from dangers to their health to incarceration -- during Friday's Truth and Consequences program.

Hosted at the school, students were given a scenario in the gym like getting caught at school with drugs or driving under the influence. Then they had to walk through the legal process, or worse. Some were handcuffed, others were put in orange jumpsuits. Some even learned about planning a funeral.

Four people from Teen Challenge, a Christian faith-based agency designed to help people with addiction issues, shared their testimonies Friday.

An inmate from the Ross Cash Center in Fredonia also shared her testimony. She told students that her choice to drink and drive changed her entire life. There was also a video presentation on the dangers of binge drinking.

Rhonda Jewell, county extension agent for 4-H youth development in Caldwell County, said Truth and Consequences is designed to educate students on the dangers of substance abuse.

"There's a strong need in our county for this," Jewell said. "There are more kids at a young age that are involved in drugs and alcohol."

The goal of the program is to help students make better choices.

"We want to help them to see that the choices that they make today, whether they be negative or positive, are going to have an impact on the rest of their lives," Jewell said.

The program was offered at CCHS through the University of Kentucky, which partnered with the HOPE and COPE centers in Princeton.