WCA Waste announced a new trash pick-up schedule that will begin next week.

Magistrate Jeff Simms, who also serves as the municipal account manager of WCA Waste, announced the upcoming changes at Tuesday's Caldwell Fiscal Court meeting.

"It's an opportunity to provide better service," he told the Times Leader, adding that the routing is driven by Global Positioning System (GPS). "We've been working on this for several months. It's the first time that a trash company has undertaken this in Princeton.

"We're just trying to improve our pickup ability and using the locating features to do so."

Simms said that the cost for trash pickup and billing will not change, as the Princeton Electric Plant Board will continue to handle billing duties.

"We will have extra trucks and staff stationed the first couple of weeks of the new days for any problems that occur," he said.

Those with questions about the new scheduling can call 270-365-6200 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Simms added that although the change begins on Monday, it will not be affected by the Washington's Birthday holiday.

Streets that will have Monday trash pickup are: Airport Road, Allen Street, Apache Drive, Baker Street, Beshears Lane, Brennan Drive, Brumett Drive, Calvert Street, Cardinal Lane, North Cave Street, Cecile Drive, Centennial Drive, Center Street, Colonial Court, Cooper Street, Cumberland Drive, North Darby Street, Darnell Street, Dawson Road, North Donnivan Street, North Eagle Street, Ellis Drive, Emmett Street, North Franklin Street, Grace Street, Grapevine Drive, East Green Street, West Green Street, Hawthorne Street, Hester Drive, North Highland Avenue, South Highland Avenue, Hillview Drive, Holeman Street, Hopkinsville Street, North Jefferson Road, Jeff Watson Road, Lakeshore Drive, Lakeview Drive, Liberty Lane, Linton Way, Linwood Street, East Locust Street, West Locust Street, Madisonville Street, East Main Street, West Main Street (on the north side, or the Ideal Market side), Marion Road, West Market Street, Masonic Drive, McGoodwin Avenue, North McNary Street, Middle Street, North Mitchell Street, Mohawk Drive, Morse Avenue, Nancy Drive, Noble Avenue, Oak Drive, Oak Street, Pennyrile Valley Circle, North Plum Street, Plymouth Place, P'Pool Drive, Prince Court, Queen Anne Court, Robin Road, Rose Street, Sandlick Road, East Sandra Drive, West Sandra Drive, North Seminary Street, East Shepardson Street, West Shepardson Street, Skyline Drive, Stegar Street, Stevens Avenue, Stone Street, Tyler Street, Vivian Drive and West Young Street.

Streets that will have Thursday trash pickup beginning Feb. 20: are Akers Avenue, Alise Court, Baldwin Avenue, Ball Street, Beverly Lane, Bluegrass Street, Cadiz Street, Canterbury Court, Cantrell Drive, Cedar Creek Road, Cherry Lane, Cherry Street, Citizens Court, Country Club Lane, Cox Street, South Darby Street, North Deerfield Street, South Deerfield Street, Depot Street, Dogwood Lane, Dollar Street, Dowell Drive, Downs Street, Eagon Street, Ethridge Drive, Farmer Street, Fortner Street, Garden Acres, Garrett Street, Good Street, Groom Street, South Harrison Street, Harvey Lane, Hayes Avenue, West Hillcrest Drive, Holly Lane, Hope Lane, Hospital Drive, Jacob Drive, South Jefferson Street, Kentucky Avenue, Lake Street, Leech Street, West Legion Drive, Magnolia Drive, West Main Street (the south side, or the Butler Building side), Manor Drive, Maple Street, McLin Street, North McNary Street, South McNary Street, Meadowbrook Drive, Mechanic Street, Muirfield Drive, Nichols Street, Old Connector Road, Prince Street, Railroad Street, Ratliff Street, Rose Avenue, Ruth Avenue, St. Andrews Circle, South Seminary Street, Sycamore Lane, Traylor Street, Troon Drive, Tulip Street, Turnbury Drive, U.S. 62 West, VanHooser Drive, Varmint Trace Road, Violet Loop, West Washington Street, White Street and Wood Street.