The Princeton Times Leader is proud to bring our readers a “Meet the Candidates” feature covering this year’s local elections.

Each candidate was contacted with the same three questions and asked to provide a response of 25 words per question. If a candidate is not listed below, it means the Times Leader did not receive a response from them. Each candidate is listed by name, the office they are running for, and the party they are running as (with the exception of district judge, who runs unaffiliated with a political party). Their answers have not been altered with the exception of minor edits for grammar and spelling.

The questions each candidate was asked are:

1. Why did you decide to run for this office?

2. What impact do you hope to have on the future of Caldwell County, if elected?

3. What qualifies you for this office?

James Fox — Sheriff (Democrat)

1. This has been a longtime goal that I had set, believing and knowing that I can make a positive change with and for our community.

2. I hope to bring a better, more efficient, more effective department, that will in turn lower crime and build trust in the Sheriff’s Office.

3. With 15 years of investigative experience, I believe myself intelligent enough make a better Sheriff’s Department and brazen enough to enact my plans of action.

Keith Suits — Sheriff (Republican)

1. Because I want to make a good change in the office, including more community policing. Making the communities safer, stronger by positive interactions, patrols.

2. Be able to get more of these dangerous drugs off our streets, have more of a trusted/working relationship with ALL of our citizens/youths.

3. I have served in the communities here in the past, including experience and have seen firsthand where and why the more important problems exist.

Don Weedman — Sheriff (Republican)

1. Change is needed. My prior law enforcement experiences will allow this to be done professionally, fostering fresh perspectives as how Caldwell County will be served.

2. I WILL have a positive impact by developing the department into a better trained, community oriented department, directed toward the needs of all Caldwell County.

3. More experienced, State Certified, Education B.S. Police Administration, six years State Police Regional Special Response Team Leader — For more, see my advertisement in this paper.

Kristina Thompson — County Clerk (Republican)

1. To serve my community, use my creativity and determination to bring fresh ideas to improve our record keeping, and serve with convenience.

2. A. Update our website to access downloadable forms, pay simple licensing and access helpful links.

B. Make sure we have digital copies of our county’s vital records.

3. I am a creative problem solver that thrives on thinking outside the box. I do my research, complete tasks diligently and will serve wholeheartedly.

Larry Curling — State Representative (Republican)

1. It’s simple, I feel like I can make a positive effect in our area. My decision to run for public office was not taken lightly. I am not a politician and never considered running for state office, but was given encouragement to do so by several people. Over the years, I have dealt with budgets, policies, personnel etc. As a former educator, magistrate and current Judge-Executive, I know what counties need and feel like I can make a positive difference in our counties.

2. As Judge-Executive, I hear it on a daily basis about infrastructure. Putting money into infrastructure, especially roads and good, affordable internet service to every person is something I would push for. This is something that benefits the entire community, not just one special interest group.

3. One thing is working in county government for eight years. You learn what counties need. Also working with the public for 40 years, 32 years in education and eight years in county government.

Pam Dosset — State Representative (Democrat)

1. I decided to run for State Representative to make sure the wants, needs, hopes and dreams of the people of District 8 are heard and respected.

2. If elected, I want to positively impact Caldwell’s economy, new infrastructure, broadband expansion, access to quality childcare and assist those affected by tornado damage.

3. Problems are best solved when we listen to each other and work together, and that’s what I will do as Representative. It’s not about party, it’s about people.

Jennifer Choat - Magistrate — District 3 (Republican)

1. I decided to run because I feel led to serve and give back to the community that has given my family and I so much.

2. I’m hopeful with more transparency that we can create more open and direct communication, which will benefit our community for generations to come.

3. I have experience with budgeting and working with the public, as we own a small business. I’ve held a public job since I was 16.

Brandon Knoth —District Judge

1. I’m running to offer my 20 years of District Court experience to the citizens of this district because this community has given me so much.

2. As district judge, I would make community safety a top priority while addressing the issue of drug addiction by encouraging treatment to deserving individuals.

3. I have 20 years of experience practicing law in every area of law handled in District Court, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney.

Jennifer Nelson — District Judge

1. The District Court needs Judges who understand the specific needs of those children impacted by abuse and neglect. No other candidate has that experience.

2. In 20 years, I hope that those who have been in my Court will say, “she was fair” and “she did the right thing.”

3. I have 17 years of practicing law, experience as a foster parent and children’s advocate. As trial commissioner, I have presided over District Court for limited issues.

Matt Schalk — District Judge

1. I’m running because I know that my life is not about me. It’s about the people around me and what I can do for them.

2. I hope to be an example of fairness, honesty, morality and common sense to our community. Actions speak louder than words.

3. I know the law, I have patience, commonsense is my lifelong companion and I trust in the Lord.

Phillip W. Sisk — Judge-Executive (Democrat)

1. Experience and training to improve life in Caldwell County. Working relationships with state elected officials, friendships and contacts across our state to make things happen.

2. There is record economic development in Kentucky, and Caldwell County deserves our share. We have a great geographical location, rail and barge services and interstate highways.

3. Eight years on fiscal court, 500-plus state training hours. Married, raising a family, owning a small business. Working to pay taxes and make ends meet.

Roy Massey — County Attorney (Republican)

1. It’s been a privilege and honor to serve the citizens of Caldwell County in my capacity as Caldwell County Attorney. I look forward to continuing those efforts.

2. I plan to continue providing knowledgeable legal guidance to our county, while maintaining our citizens’ safety and well-being.

3. I have devoted the past five years of my life serving as Caldwell County Attorney and would genuinely appreciate your vote in the upcoming general election.