In an election where voters were provided several options with absentee ballots, 535 Caldwell County voters came to the courthouse Tuesday to participate in the primary election.

The primary election was moved in March from May 19 to June 23 due to COVID-19.

Voters were given the option of marking an absentee ballot and mailing it back to the courthouse, filling out a ballot at the courthouse or dropping off a completed absentee ballot at the courthouse as well as voting in person on Tuesday.

People were given through June 15 to request an absentee ballot, and were able to return them from June 8 through June 22. Any mailed ballots postmarked on or before June 23 will be counted.

However, with a much larger number of mailed-in ballots, it is expected that final results will not be available until this Tuesday.

Caldwell County’s 535 voters who opted to vote in person represent about 5.3% of the county’s 10,125 registered voters.

County Clerk Toni Watson had two polling stations set up Tuesday in the courthouse: one on the main level and one in the lower level. Volunteers helped voters go through the process and answered questions about this year’s election.

The results from Caldwell County’s in-person voting are:

• President: Rep.: Donald J. Trump 244, uncommitted 12; Dem.: Michael Bennet 0, Joseph R. Biden 92, Michael R. Bloomberg 7, Pete Buttigieg 6, John K. Delaney 2, Tulsi Gabbard 6, Amy Klobuchar 6, Deval Patrick 2, Bernie Sanders 38, Tom Steyer 3, Elizabeth Warren 6, Andrew Yang 6, uncommitted 73.

• U.S. Senator: Rep.: Nicholas Alsager 6, Wendell K. Crow 5, Paul John Frangedakis 2, Louis Grider 4, Naren James 0, Kenneth Lowndes 5, Mitch McConnell 210, C. Wesley Morgan 22; Dem.: Jimmy C. Ausbrooks 9, Charles Booker 112, Mike Broihier 6, Maggie Jo Hilliard 5, Andrew J. Maynard 7, Amy McGrath 73, Eric Rothmuller 6, John R. Sharpensteen 2, Bennie J. Smith 8, Mary Ann Tobin 15.

• Judge of Court of Appeals, 1st Appellate District, 1st Division (unexpired term): J.R. “Jason” Coltharp 48, Jenny Hines 156, Chris McNeill 138, C. Rene Williams 112.

These figures do not represent the final tally in the 2020 primary election in Kentucky, which will be released when all ballots are counted.