In case you’ve missed it, there were some updates and discussions during the Sept. 20 Caldwell County Board of Education meeting.

“The rural districts are having a lot more difficulties than the larger ones because some of the guidelines come from the Kentucky Department of Public Health,” said Caldwell County Schools Superintendent Jeremy Roach.

He added nearby school districts like Lyon, Crittenden, and Ballard counties are experiencing difficulties securing one of the six state-approved vendors to administer the test to stay policy established by Senate Bill 1.

The Caldwell County School Board of Education approved the test to stay program at a September meeting. It enables students to stay on campus and receive in-person instruction, avoiding quarantines, after a negative test result.

Roach also gave a facility maintenance update.

He said part of the roof at the primary school building and the roof at the high school fine arts center are undergoing re-coating and resealing.

After the roof updates, both school buildings will be under the same warranty.

The elementary renovation, under the recently approved district facilities plan, requires the elementary facility renovation to include HVAC replacement, a security vestibule, ADA upgrades, and other updates, Roach said.

Another addition to the primary school is a parking lot expansion. The state awarded the school funds to scale up the elementary school parking to mitigate traffic and volume.

Roach noted the building renovations and upgrades have not started, but the plan is to begin work in a couple of weeks.

On Friday, Caldwell County Schools started fall break. Students return on Oct. 11.