New cafe coming soon to Princeton

A new cafe called Java Table is coming to Princeton at 112 E. Court Square. Pictured, from left, is owner Sherry Allen, her daughter and co-manager Addison Allen, David Adams of Caldwell, co-owner Scott Evans and co-manager Nicole Adams.

Princeton will soon have a new rustic-motif cafe and sit-down coffee shop.

Plans for the opening of The Java Table at 112 E. Court Square were delayed by COVID-19, but owner Sherry Allen said they’re getting back to business with a “come to the table” theme in mind.

“We’ve always wanted more of a presence in town, being right on the outskirts,” said Allen, referring to her and friend Scott Evans’ roles at Adams Breezy Hill Farm Restaurant and Mercantile. The two still co-manage the 15-acre business while co-owning The Java Table.

“We wanted to expand, bring some of (Adams Breezy owner) David Adams’ famous ice cream to town, and (foster) a good coffeehouse for the community,” she said.

Once open, The Java Table will offer a traditional range of coffee drinks with desserts and David “Pops” Adams’ Homemade Ice Cream — a staple of Adams Breezy since it opened in 2011.

Other plans are using the new coffee shop as a Main Street location for groups, Allen said. Part of the cafe will be available for scheduling, whether it’s Bible studies, business meetings or artistry classes.

“We want to offer a whole new atmosphere — this is definitely kind of a bohemian vibe,” she said. “Leather couches … a place where you can sit down and work.”

Co-owner Evans said he was looking forward to sharing traffic between Java and Adams Breezy — the latter, he remarked, “doesn’t see the same crowd twice on weekends” with customers from surrounding and interstate travelers.

As part of continued development in Caldwell County, Adams Breezy will soon offer online ordering at Upcoming Java updates can also be found for now at hillfarm.

Allen, a Princeton native, comes from an artistic background herself. After living away for about 30 years, she moved back to be closer to family and friends.

Her co-ownership with Evans stems from growing up with him and Kristina — Adams’ daughter and Evans’ wife who passed away in 2018 from cancer.

Evans and Allen both said part of their motivation was continuing her wishes in some way.

“Kristina very much wanted to be a presence and a gift in the community,” Allen said. “And we’re committed to continuing the vision she had.”

More will be announced soon on The Java Table, Allen said.