New cellphone store provides technical services

Travis Todd opened iBuyCell&Fix in September 2020, and although his business plan was dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic, he is doing well. In partnership with the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, iBuyCell&Fix is celebrating its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting event at noon today.

At 30 years old, Travis Todd is one of the youngest business owners in Princeton.

Todd opened iBuyCell&Fix in September 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic did not deter his goal of becoming a business owner and investing in his livelihood.

After several unsuccessful attempts at securing employment at cellphone repair and sales stores, he decided to take a risk and establish a small business. The “stringing along” experience he encountered while searching for stable job opportunities was another component of his small-business endeavor.

He explained being “self-sufficient” is a goal he set out to achieve last year.

“I really thought it would be a lot more difficult than what it was but I’ve been steady ever since I’ve opened, I guess there is a real need in the market for what I provide,” Todd said.

Todd has always been interested in tinkering with electronics and working hands-on with technology. He buys and sells cellphone devices, repairs cellphones, tablets and sells accessories.

Without a formal education, Todd takes a self-taught approach to his work. He relies on the internet to conduct research and operate his business.

One example Todd referenced during his small-business journey was his father’s mechanic shop.

“Being able to see him do his own thing and be able to actually work on his own and be able to provide himself,” was an invaluable lesson, Todd said.

Everything but the floor and ceiling is new, Todd said. A wall partition, paint, and other renovations to the building truly make the store his own.

Working downtown is a privilege, Todd explained. He gets many walk-in customers. Police officers and business owners stop in to say hello and get service.

He explained the nearest cellphone repair shop is 30-45 minutes away, which means customers have to travel to Hopkinsville or Paducah for service.

Despite pandemic conditions, Todd said he hasn’t encountered any supply chain issues.

“I wanted to give the community a place that they can trust to buy devices from and not have a concern when doing it,” Todd said.

To reach more customers, Todd is considering offering gift cards and certificates and coupons.

To celebrate a grand opening, he partnered with the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce to host a ribbon-cutting event today at noon at his store at 106 1/2 E. Court Square.

Todd is also participating in the Halloween Scavenger Hunt on Saturday.