West White Sulphur Road opened for traffic Thursday evening. It’s one of eight Caldwell County roads that were severely damaged by flooding caused by 8-9 inches of rain last Sunday.

Northern Caldwell County roads damaged, repairs cost $44,000

Northern parts of Caldwell County received at least 8 to 9 inches of rainfall on last Saturday and Sunday, costing the county more than $44,000 in road flood damage, officials said.

Eight county roads — Sugar Creek, Calvert, Crider Dulaney, Henry Phelps, Eureka, Union Grove School, Bobby Gill, and West White Sulphur — underwent comprehensive repairs all week.

Officials said the cost of the damage and repairs is $44,103.71. The Caldwell County Fiscal Court is anticipating receiving emergency funds from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet County Road Aid Co-op program.

The court applied for the emergency funds earlier in the week. If approved, the program will cover up to 80% of expenditures; the county will be left to cover the remaining 20% of project costs.

“All those roads suffered a lot of damage,” Judge-Executive Larry Curling said.

Curling said road department personnel were busy over the weekend. Workers began repairs late last Saturday night.

“The road department was out Saturday night at about 12 o’clock, and a lot of them didn’t get in until Sunday at 6 at night,” Curling said.

Curling added the debris that washed out onto the roads will create conditions unfit for safe driving.

“If you can’t get your road fixed, you got to put up barriers to keep people from going through,” Curling said.

With major flooding comes dangerous road conditions, and some drivers were unable to avoid county roads that were damaged by flooding and erosion.

Caldwell County Chief Deputy Chris Noel reported last Sunday that two deputies saved a person from possibly drowning.

The incident took place on Enon Road. The driver was stuck inside the vehicle, when wedged in between trees and a ditch, according to the report.

“The quick action of Pennyrile Central Dispatch, and Caldwell County Sheriff’s Deputies Chad Hawkins and Josh Travis, undoubtedly resulted in saving the female from a tragic outcome,” Noel said.

At Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting, Sheriff Stan Hudson reported the incident and recognized his deputies’ life-saving efforts and other first responders.