PRINCETON — Near 3:42 a.m., the Princeton Electric Plant Board noticed a 33-second glitch in their system — a structure collapsing caused the disruption.

In West Court Square, the old Masonic Lodge and a dry-cleaning service was destroyed. There were no injuries or foul play involved, authorities said.

A fire escape detached from the side of the building and tore down a wall in the process. Subsequently, the roof caved in, and the entire second floor began dismantling, authorities said.

Princeton One Hour Cleaners is owned and operated by Richard Jones, who is also the chief engineer for the Princeton Fire Department.

Jones said he is not relocating his business. The service was offered to Princeton residents for nearly 60 years.

The dry cleaning business was run by his daughter for the past six years; the masonic lodge relocated more than a decade ago.

“The dry cleaning business used to be booming years ago,” Jones said.

All day Thursday, city and county departments and services closely monitored the demolition to ensure public safety.