Oliver mural returns to local Walmart – and six others

Chad Oliver poses with his mural of Walmart founder Sam Walton when it was painted in the Princeton Walmart break room a few years ago. The mural was painted over but has returned to the main lobby of the store.

For Princeton artist Chad Oliver, Walmart has become more of a “wall mart” — a place to showcase his talents.

The mural of Walmart founder Sam Walton in front of an American flag on the Princeton Walmart wall is a Chad Oliver original.

Oliver’s mural can also be seen at Walmarts in Louisville and Lexington in Kentucky; Savoy, Illinois; Camden, Tennessee; Moulton, Alabama; and Marion, Arkansas.

Oliver’s mural is actually making a second appearance at the Princeton store.

“It was probably about three or four years ago,” he said. “Our store manager, Allen Dixon asked me to paint a mural in the store’s break room.

“That’s what I painted, but under a store remodel (in October 2018), it ended up having to be painted over.”

Flash-forward to a few months ago, when Walmart stores sought mural ideas from artists. Oliver’s wife, Kasey, submitted a photo she took of the mural that was originally painted at Walmart.

Oliver, who is the executive director of the Princeton-Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce, said the Walmart mural initiative was a means for the stores to recognize local artists nationwide.

Oliver has painted murals for the Cedar Bluff Baptist Church nursery and at Capitol Cinemas in downtown Princeton.