Sen. Rand Paul made a stop in Princeton Saturday, Oct. 2, hosted by the Caldwell County Republican Party. A large crowd attended the event, which was held at the Majestic House.

Paul spoke to the crowd for approximately 30 minutes, first introducing his wife, Kelly, who also attended. He also fielded some questions from the audience. He said one of the things being talked about a lot currently is defunding the police. He believes that is a bad idea. He recounted an incident that happened in Washington, D.C., involving he and his wife trying to make it back to their hotel following a visit to the White House where President Trump was speaking. He said he had no doubt the police saved their lives, and he feels police should be honored, not defunded.

He said riots and protests have happened in Louisville and he doesn’t know if anyone is going to want to become a police officer there now. He said there is a problem with violence. There are more murders per capita in Louisville right now than in Chicago, Ill. This year there have been 22 kids under the age of 18 shot and killed in Louisville alone. Paul said this is not because of racism, it is Marxism that is causing the riots and protests and violence. He said, “We do have a problem with violence ... It is not about race, it is about right and wrong.”

He spoke on capitalism versus socialism and explained that ultimately free stuff is not free. When the government has to continue to print money, it leads to inflation and in the end you spend more for everyday necessities and aren’t any better off than you were before.

Paul encouraged people in rural communities such as Caldwell County to get out and vote.

“That is the only way to combat the number of voters in the larger cities,” Paul added.

Sen. Paul said he is happy with the voting laws that have been put into place in the state of Kentucky, as well as some other states, to maintain voting integrity.