Purchase Players to perform play "Exit Laughing" next week

Alex Goodman, who is directing the play “Exit Laughing” by Paul Elliot, said rehearsing the play has been challenging because the actresses and actor can’t contain their laughter. Pictured (standing from left) are Rachel McClain, Taylor Hargrove, Callie Drury, Alex Goodman and Steven Elder. Seated is Debbie Hargrove.

At first, the Purchase Players were going to perform “Hallelujah Girls,” especially after the pandemic forced its outright cancelation in 2020. However, Alex Goodman, who was to direct the show, said they decided to instead go for something “fresh.”

Around the beginning of March, Goodman found what she was looking for and “absolutely fell in love with it.”

Purchase Players are gearing up for a showing of “Exit Laughing” on May 6-8. The production is an adult comedy originally penned by Paul Elliot in 2014.

“I found this and just immediately — I sent it to (fellow Purchase Player director and performer) Kyler Danowski and was just like, ‘This is the one we have to do. Like hands down, this is the one we have to do. It’s hilarious,’’’ Goodman said.

In addition to directing the performance, she will also take part in the play.

The show could be described as “A Weekend at Bernie’s” meets “Golden Girls,” she said.

According to the Purchase Players’ website, the show involves three women who had recently lost the fourth member of their group. After 30 years playing weekly bridge, the trio decide to end their doldrum with a final game of cards with their deceased friend.

To do so, they “borrow” her ashes from the funeral home, and what follows is the “most exciting night of their lives” with a “police raid, a stripper and a whole new way of looking at all the fun you can have when you’re truly living.”

Goodman pointed out that it is an adult-oriented show with “choice language” and possibly someone shedding “a few layers of clothing.” Also, she noted that while it may primarily star women, there’s something to be found for men as well.

“It’s a women’s comedy but I think men would find it just as funny. It is an adult show, I will say that,” she said.

Goodman admitted, however, that the nature of the show has caused a bit of slowdown for rehearsals. But she expressed confidence that they would be ready before the first showing on May 6.

“It’s hilarious. We — as the actresses and actor — we can’t get through it without busting out laughing, and just absolutely crying on stage, and so we’re really going to have to get it together throughout the next week, because it’s just the most hilarious thing that I’ve ever heard,” Goodman said.

As with many things this past year, Purchase Players will have some COVID-19 guidelines for the audience to keep in mind as they attend the show. Seating will be spaced out to allow for a minimum of 6 feet. Families will still sit together, the audience is asked to wear their masks at least until seated, and general health practices should be followed.

Goodman added that concessions will be served.

Showtimes will be next week at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There will also be a Saturday matinee showing at 2 p.m.